Life - Reality

It’s really interesting how I learn things in my life. I have these stages and certain things that I learn (like I’m being taught by someone…like God), and once I really learn it and implement it into my life it moves on to something else. Recently it has been Fate - and that all we do is just Shadows and Dust. As people we are so interesting and strange at the same time. Each of us - all 7 billion of us, think from our own brains. Create our own thoughts and reality from our own minds. We each perceive the world our own way, and each of us think that WE are the most important thing and person on the planet. Because you feel yourself. You feel the hurt, the pain, everything that is of yourself, but not of anybody else, and there really is no way you can COMPLETELY know somebody else, much less what they are thinking or feeling at any given moment. But most importantly and deadly is that we are the center of our own universe. It’s kind of an obvious fact, but there are some obvious facts that need to be said - that need to be revealed to us. The best thing, the joke of it all (of life, that is) is that, really, each of us isn’t important. I am one in seven BILLION. So are you. We are so futile. So infinitesimally small, yet in our own world, in our own sphere of influence, in our group(s) of friends, we make it all about us. We make ourselves the most important thing in our own eyes. Oh, but you might say, “but I love this person and I would do anything for them -THEY are the most important thing in my life.” Wrong. Even I’m guilty of this. You don’t love somebody else. You love how they make you feel. C.S. Lewis clearly makes this point (among others that I’m going to touch) in his allegory “The Great Divorce.” It’s so true, and as I said, even I do it. That’s why people never want to let go of their boyfriend or girlfriend when they are dumped, because they want to be make feel amazing by that person. That’s why so many marriages fall through and end in divorce these days - because that “fire” or “spark” or whatever you want to call it of “love” “died out” - or to put it more clearly usually, times got hard for the couple and they didn’t make each other feel as good as they originally did. So with all the warm fuzzy feelings gone they don’t want to spend the rest of their life with that person anymore. Yep, this is me too. I’m speaking to myself as much as I am to you if you are reading this. I have to say this to myself and drill it into my own head. True love…as humans we have hardly any grasp of it. Even me. Oh yeah, then there was the other thing - another thing Lewis really draws out in The Great Divorce - that everything we do is but Shadows and Dust. This concept has really been brought out to me lately, in my school final project analyzing “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and in other readings. When we die our memories fade. The vast majority of people are not known to more than a few hundred people in their lives, much less remembered more than a decade past their deaths. It’s sad for me to be saying this, but I can hardly remember even my own grandfathers, who both passed away seven years ago. Their memories are fuzzy in my mind, hardly there at all. I hardly think of or remember them, only in passing here or there. We are Shadows and Dust. Everything we do passes away. Sure, there are a few great figures, the President of the United States - but even those are forgotten. For example, how many people can name the 17th through the 23rd presidents? I know I can’t. Finally - a question I’m still trying to solve myself (and another thing Lewis brought up in The Great Divorce) is: what the heck is this life about in the first place? Just think about it - we don’t really know all that much, everybody constantly argues about what truth really is…so in the end, once we die and are in…well, for lack of better words, the afterlife, we’re going to have to completely unlearn everything we thought we knew about life, etc., and relearn the truth - the REAL truth about everything we need to know or care about, what those are I honestly really don’t know. So what’s the point of all this? Maybe that we should stop thinking about ourselves and focusing ourselves and trying to promote ourselves and making ourselves look good and just live. JUST LIVE. I know I need to…There’s my two cents.